Temperature controlled transport (Reefer cargo)

Temperature controlled transport ( Reefer cargo )

Various aspects can play a role when moving freight of a perishable nature;

• Products might need to be transported in either a frozen, chilled or humidity controled state.
• The type of freight is temperature sensitive
• Time and speed is of vital importance
• The use of specialised equipment is costly. 
• The market is globalising, there is a demand for more products from different countries
• The government inflicts higher demands on the safety aspect for the consumer and regulates the import and export of the goods.

It's a complex business and for many not a transparant market ;  

• Do you have the neseccary and correct documentation. 
• Is the cargo subject to inspection.
• Are there any import or export restrictions relating to a specific load in the country of origin or destination.
• Which modalities could be used to transport the load
• Is there adequate equipment available
• Is there enough capacity available

2 Connect Logistics are specialists in the transport of foodstuffs (perishable goods) and flora. For this type of commodity they can offer tailor made solutions on:

• Sea freight
• Air freight
• Intermodal/multimodal (rail transport, internal waterways transport and road transport)
• Customs & Excise
• Inspections
• Storage and transhipments
• Distribution

As a specialist partner, 2 Connect Logistics can offer many advantages to the entire logistics process. The company will guarantee to service your transport needs in the most efficient and safest way possible, delivering high quality and prompt solutions using their extensive network of agencies, suppliers and service providers.

If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact 2 Connect logistics.

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