Intermodal / Multimodal transport

Intermodal/Multimodal  transportation (rail transport, barge transport, road transport)

Various aspects can play a role when transporting goods within Europe:

• Pressure on the road network - a lot more traffic jams
• Strict government legislations and regulations with regard to the enviroment and safety
• The capacity with either the service provider or the terminals
• The efficient use of material
• High volume shipments
• The use of specific material and transport delays can lead to high costs
• Time and speed are of vital importance
• Guaranteed time deliveries are requested
• Too many partners involved on one transport, less control on shipment
• The availability of a diversity on transport material

It's a complex business and for many not a transparant market ;

• Is there efficiency in transport ?
• Will deliveries be in time ?
• Do you have the correct documentation ? 
• Are you using the right material / modality ?
• Is there enought capacity to move the requested volume
• Do you need special material

2 Connect Logistics are specialists in Intermodal or multimodal transportaion. They can move all cargo within europe using one or a combination of the following modes of transport:

• Rail transport  
• Barge transport
• Road transport

As a specialist partner, 2 Connect Logistics can offer many advantages with regard to the transportation of any of the above. The company will guarantee to service your transport needs in the most efficient and safest way possible delivering high quality and prompt solutions using their extensive network of agencies, suppliers and service providers.

If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact 2 Connect Logistics.

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