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2 Connect Logistics B.V. is a logistic service provider which offers worldwide supply chain solutions. With a fresh, dynamic and innovative approach we deliver quality tailor made solutions for satisfied contracters in various branches.

The company believes in delivering a high quality service and invests heavily in choosing the right personnell whereby knowledge, experience, and having the right mentality are of vital importance.

The company offers it's employees an excellent working environment and this is a place where the exchanging of ideas is encouraged at all times. Staff are continually being stimulated to make use of individual knowledge and experience to create the best possible solutions to clients' needs.
Investment are being made to personnell that want to further their carreer and specialised schooling and workshops are being offered to staff on a regular basis.
Are you looking for a challenging position within the logistics industry? Do you see yourself becoming in integral part of this upcoming and successfull company? Then look no further and click on the current vacancies the company has to offer.

On the other hand, we are always on the look out for great people to join us. If you're on the move and have skills that you think would be relevant, drop us a line.

2 Connect Logistics B.V.
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3084 CC Rotterdam
The Netherlands
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