Communications and IT

Communication and IT

2 Connect Logistics continually monitors and adapts to the ever changing environment of both the IT and communication industry so it can enhance and/or simplify the work process, internally as well as externally. This will enable the company to offer you the most efficient and economical solutions to all your business requirements. In turn, this will enhance the quality of the level of service the company is able to provide.

Part of this process is for example:


- The use of ERP, TMS, WRS, and CMR systems for the efficient flow of data and to optimise the work process. 
- The use of mobile communication devices so staff can be accessable at all times and away from the office


- On-line booking facilities that will enable to transfer data directly to various agents, suppliers and service providers with the minimum scope for error.
- On-line stock control
- Real-time monitoring of a shipment
- On-line quotation requests 
- On-line statistical analysis of your shipments
To be able to provide the right solutions, 2 Connect Logistics do not exclude the possibility to develop their own applications where necessary, or when within possibilities to search in conjunction with their client for a suitable solution. 

Above all, you - the client -, and servicing your requirements is what 2 Connect Logistics is all about.

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