Road transport

Road transport

Not only has each branch within the transport industry it's own requirements, each specific product also has it's own unique prerequisites.

Whether you might be looking for transport of:

• Containerised freight
• Conventional freight
• Full Load or Part Load trailers
• Temperature controlled freight (frozen/chilled or humidity controlled)
• Perishable freight
• Project freight
• Dry bulk
• Wet bulk
• Hazardous goods
• High value goods

Wether you have specific needs as to how your freight should be transported:-

• Container chassis
• Lowered chassis 
• Tipping hassis
• Trailer (Side loader)  
• Trailer (Back loader)
• Trailer or Truck with lifting facilities 
• Closed truck
• Or use of any other vehicles

Wether you have demands in either one or all of the following:-

• A high quality service
• Competitve prices
• Guaranteed space
• Loading guarantee
• Guaranteed time schedule
• Fast transport times
• Specialised transport

Wether you are transporting to,from or in between:

• The Netherlands, Belgium
• Great Britain, Germany, France
• Italy, Spain, Portugal
• Austria, Switzerland
• Eastern Europe
• Other countries within Europe

If you have any road transport requirements within Europe, 2 Connect Logistics can deliver high quality and prompt solutions using their extensive network of agencies, suppliers and service providers.

Whatever your needs may be - if you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact 2 Connect logistics.

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