Fiscal representation

Fiscal Representation

The Netherlands and in particular Rotterdam because of it's central location and excellent infrastructure for various modalities, continues to be regarded as "The Gateway to the rest of Europe. A huge volume of goods destined for other European countries are passing through the port of Rotterdam.
The Dutch Government spends an enormous amount of time and effort on the up keep and improvement of the country's infrastructure so that goods that pass through can continue their journey in a fast and efficient way. Rules and Regulations are a major part of this movement and are being monitored and adapted on a regular basis in order for The Netherlands to keep it's competitive edge.

The Netherlands has an "open tax climate" and special laws relating to Customs & Excise so that foreign business can also import goods via the Netherlands in a fast and efficient way.
It is possible and The Netherlands is only one of a few countries in Europe where this is the case,  to transpose the payment of V.A.T. This means that the required V.A.T. does not have to be paid directly on arrival of goods in The Netherlands. The V.A.T. in question can be forwarded and calculated in the Country of Destination. In terms of cashflow, this can be regarded as a great advantage to the importer.

An import declaration is put into place by either the freight forwarder or Customs & Excise Agent in The Netherlands, who then acts as a direct  representation for the foreign business so that the goods can be declared under the their own V.A.T. number. This is called an import declaration with limited fiscal representation. An Authorization form or power of attorney can be downloaded from our website.

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