Not only has each branch within the transport industry it's own requirements, each specific product also has it's own unique prerequisites.

Whetther you might be looking for distribution of:

• Individual packages
• Pallets
• Packages and documents
• Refrigerated goods, perishable goods
• High value goods
• Furniture or related items

Whether you have specific needs as to how your freight should be transported:

• Distribution to/from Individuals
• Distribution to/from distribution centres or other holding facilities 
• Distribution to/from Shops
• Distribution to/from companies 

Wether you have demands in either one or all of the following:-

• A high quality service
• Highly competitve prices
• Guaranteed space
• Guaranteed loading
• Guaranteed time schedule 
• Guaranteed delivery
• Assistance with loading/unloading
• Assembly at delivery address
• Pre notice of delivery
• Delivery notification
• Any other specialised prerequisites

Wether you are distributing to or from:

• The Netherlands, Belgium
• Great Britain, Germany, France
• Italy, Spain, Portugal
• Austria, Switzerland
• Eastern Europe
• Other countries within Europe 

If you have any distribution requirements within Europe, 2 Connect Logistics can deliver high quality and prompt solutions using their extensive network of agencies, suppliers and service providers.

Whatever your needs may be - if you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact 2 Connect logistics.

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